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Losing business because of poor Internet or wireless?
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With over 30 years experience in computer networking, we offer reliable cost-effective wired and wireless networking solutions for businesses, hotels & gites and residential customers.

We provide affordable, integrated business-class solutions that include scalable wireless access point deployment, outdoor WiFi for terraces and pool areas, wireless bridging for connectivity between buildings and integrated VOIP telephone solutions for PBXs. All equipment is powered over the Ethernet cabling - no need for mains power outlets near the device.

We have demonstration equipment available - contact us today for a demonstration.

Our Wi-Fi solutions are now available as managed service

Extended Wi-Fi networks Scalable Wi-Fi access point deployment. Indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi. Wireless bridging.
Wireless network design Router and switch configurations, performance analysis and wireless access point deployment
Solutions for business Building-to-building connectivity. Outdoor WiFi for terraces and pool areas
Solutions for hotels As above plus: Guest networks and portals. VOIP telephone integration to PBX. CCTV integration.
Business continuity Managed solutions with automated alerts. Automated backups
Security Firewall configuration with bespoke rules to meet your requirements
High availability solutions Dual connectivity with automatic failover
Remote support Secure remote access using RDP
Broadband provision DSL and satellite broadband solutions available
Documentation All network solutions fully documented

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