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Family and friends constantly complaining or poor Internet or Wi-Fi?
We can fix that.

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For home users and micro-businesses in south west France we can assist with the following:

Extended Wi-Fi networks Scalable Wi-Fi access point deployment. Indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi. Wireless bridging.
Broadband provision DSL and satellite broadband solutions available
Internet access and wireless problems Router configurations and wireless extension
Networks for micro-businesses Wireless Distribution System networks, guest networks and security
Network Attached Storage Automated backup
Virtual Private Network Router-based VPN solutions for UK and US TV channels
Remote support Secure remote support using RDP

Please call us on the numbers below or email us to discuss your requirements.

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Stephen Wisedale MBCS

IT consultant / Conseil en Informatique

Le Grelat
24220 Castels et Bézenac, France

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